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The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Memorial Association has been established in response to the many organizations and individuals, from all walks of life, who indicated a desire to honor his memory with appropriate and lasting tributes. The Memorial Association sponsors and promotes educational and social projects that express Harry Van Arsdale Jr's lifelong philosophy and commitments.

Harry Van Arsdale Jr's. life exemplified his commitment to worker education, the dignity of work and harmonious collective bargaining between employers and employees, leading to improved working conditions and productivity in the work place.  By bringing his honesty, integrity and good will to every endeavor he undertook, Harry Van Arsdale Jr. was successful in achieving innovative gains that benefited all working men and women.

Harry Van Arsdale Jr's. reputation as a man of highest integrity gained him the respect of business, labor and government leaders, nationally and internationally.  It is the purpose of the Memorial Association to continue the work of Harry Van Arsdale Jr. through establishing lasting memorials that will require individuals to ask. Who was this man? What did he stand for? Why has he been memorialized?

Through future generations asking these questions, the philosophy and commitments of Harry Van Arsdale Jr. will continue to influence the course of events for generations to come.